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Why does it have to be so…

It can be challenging to re-spark your team’s motivation levels and engagement after working for so long. And your special event is an opportunity to solve that. But how do you make sure the event is spiced up and is objectively Scoville HOT, without needing to book a hundred entertainers just to make up your mind? How do you make the stakeholders happy and help them make a committee decision?

The solution, you show them this page and the video on it!

Matti’s Virtual Mind Reading Show

Matti has created a brand new show where he has figured out everything you need to reignite your team’s spark.
Just watch the video I prepared especially for you…

Every great event starts with a small decision. In this case, it might be to watch this video NOW.

What will happen one day later after the show

Result 1

Get your attendees excited for your event by announcing beforehand that there will be something unique about it and get the buzz flowing.

Result 2

Get your employees feeling connected to the company. Show that you care about them by giving them something different and unique.

Result 3

Your boss and colleagues will reward you for arranging such a successful event, and your team will speak out about it. Everyone will say you guys get things done differently.

I want Matti to perform at our next event, but how do I book him?

EASY! Scroll down to the bottom of this page, choose the package that suits you, and Matti will do the rest to make sure you have an unforgettable event.
No. of Attendess
20 minutes
3 – Piece suit
30 minutes
The Tuxedo
45 Minutes + Bonuses
Suitable forA quick session in an existing eventA stand alone full showExtended event with lectures and a white glove service
0-50 $700$850$2800

Get a whooping 15% discount when you book 2+ shows instead of one!

Even if you only use the second show within six months from now


“We brought Matti to perform at a students event at the college, it was a huge success and highly recommended!”

Emeq Yizrael College

“I first saw Mattis show at an opening event for a club in TLV, he truly amazed me and I was still thinking about what I saw for a few days after. Highly recommended!”


“Thank you for an incredible evening, an event that wont be forgotten for long time!”


“I booked Matti for a second time for a triple birthday event, it was amazing and mind blowing and we received so many compliments for it. Cant recommend it enough!”


Matti Weinberg Is A Unique And Original Entertainer.

With over a decade of experience, Matti’s elegant and personal style is embodied in The Gentleman of Mentalism. There are many kinds of entertainment choices, but very few of these can take you and your guests on the wondrous journey of the mind that you will travel with The Gentleman of Mentalism.

As with many audiences before, Matti will elegantly astonish your guests as they enjoy a truly unforgettable experience.

Whos is this for?

A great fit for:

  • Anyone who wants to create a unique event that will be spoken about for a loooong time
  • People who love to be mystified and mind blown!
  • People who are willing to get the best of the best and have their minds at ease that the event will be a huge success!

Do not even consider if you are more like these:

  • People who do not want to freshen things up with their events
  • People who look for the cheapest option
  • People who don’t want their staff and company to be looked upon as special, leaders who do things differently.

Most importantly, it suits people who love to have a good and have a big smile on their faces as that’s what it’s all about!

Are you ready to book?