WHAT YOUR virtual event attendees really need

Everyone is at home which means virtual events and meetings have become the new norm.

Keeping the team focused on getting their job done is essential. 

It can be difficult to grow your business when everyone’s motivation is at an all time low. 

We meet virtually and online because we have to.

And it can feel tedious to the employees at some point.

You want to add some extra content to the event but you just do not know where to start.

Introducing: Matti’s Mind Reading Virtual Show

Matti has created a brand new show where he has figured out everything that you need to reignite your team’s spark.

Imagine a virtual meeting where the CEO will have his choices in a psychological game predicted…

Imagine the VP having her intuition put to test…
Imagine your engineer having his thoughts influenced to think of a very special word…

Most importantly, imagine EVERYONE engaged in an experience that will reignite their childhood imagination!

Your employees will be left stunned and inspired and YOU will get all the credit for organising such a successful event.

5 REASONS for making a decision today


“Who knew a virtual mind-reading show could be so captivating?!”

Top class

“Working with Matti on our virtual end of year event was so easy, he’s a real pro!”


“How did he manage to read my mind halfway across the globe?!”


“After the event, our team felt like they’d had a real breath of fresh air thanks to Matti’s show. They were ready to get back to the hard work!”


“That cannot be real!”

TYPES of shows

  • PThe amazing thing about virtual shows is that they are completely flexible and can be tailored for YOUR message.
  • PYou can choose the length according to your needs: 20 minutes, 30 minutes or 45+ minutes.
  • PA specially made piece about a VIP of your choice can be integrated into the show as well for no extra charge.
  • PBy now you notice that you agree with the facts.
  • PThis is as flexible as you hoped it would be and therefore - will work for any type of event.

WHAT PEOPLE from companies like yours

Said about Matti

“There’s life before Matti, and life after Matti”


“As a true skeptic, I have a lot of thinking to do now”.

“Thanks so much for a wonderful show, you turned our virtual Christmas event into something really special”


“I've booked Matti on three different occasions now, he never ceases to amaze me and my guests”


“Thanks for making our evening perfect”


Why joining a ten minute demo is SMART

See for yourself. Get ready for an experience
First and foremost, by joining the ten minute demo, you will get to know Matti.

Matti truly cares about getting things right and learning about your needs, so you will be able to talk about them too.

And the best part…

You will experience what a virtual mind-reading show feels like (so come with positive thoughts).

Finally, you will be able to discuss with Matti any concerns you may have with the upcoming event and how you can work together to put your mind at ease.

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