Stage Show

The main act – adding style and intrigue to your event


Matti’s show is packed with danger, imagination, suggestion, telepathic connections and actual mind-reading.

All elegantly put together in creating a unique experience that involves the entire audience.

Imagine the guests at your event all getting in touch with you a couple of months after and talking to you about what an amazing event you organised and that they still can’t quite grasp what they experienced during the show.
There are parts of the show that can be tailored and customised for you and your special message for the company or the guest of honour.



“We booked Matti for the end of year event at our company, and he performed his full stage show. Such an unbelievable experience and the entire staff still talk about the moment when Matti created a connection between the VP and CEO. they actually read each other’s minds! AMAZING!”


“There’s life before Mattti’s show, and life after it! “


“We booked matti with his stage show for our son’s Bar-mitzvah, It was such a great success, everyone really enjoyed it.”


“I still have no clue how he does it, it was incredible and so much fun!”


I can read your mind. You are thinking:
I don’t want to miss this opportunity of booking Matti!

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