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Receptions, Corporate events, Conventions, Weddings and even Bat/Bar Mitzvahs


During the reception or dinner of your event, Matti will engage with your guests with specially crafted in-your-hands type of magic. Your guests will have their minds read and influenced, witness objects come to life and coins bend, all right under their noses and eyeglasses!

Imagine hearing the gasps of astonishment as you walk around meeting everyone, and they all come by to tell you: “did you see that?!?”. A special piece can be customized for a message of your choice.



“I booked Matti for a cocktail party we had organised with the firm, he was so charming and nice to work with and all the guests really enjoyed watching and experiencing incredible mind-reading feats in their own hands. ”


“It was a joy having Matti at our reception, he managed to get to every single one of our guests and left them stunned.”


“Who knew that having a close-up performer would be such a great success, well done Matti, it was amazing.”


“We booked Matti for a surprise birthday party for a friend of ours three months ago, I still show everyone the bent coin!”

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